Soldier/Veteran of the day

Frazier Brand would like to honor Christopher Herrera

Here is his bio 

Christopher Herrera

2001 - 2008 Active Duty Army

2008 – 2012 Army Reserves


2003 – Operation Iraqi Freedom

2006 – 2007 Operation Iraqi Freedom


Born in Southern California, and grew up in Kansas City, MO.  Joined the army straight out of high school.  During AIT (Advanced Individual Training) volunteered for airborneschool and was stationed in the 82nd Airborne Division in Ft Bragg, NC. Served a short deployment to Iraq in 2003 due to orders to be stationed in Korea.  Served a year in Yongsan Korea and reenlisted to go back to the 82nd Airborne Division. In 2006, deployed to Tikrit, Iraq for 15 months and during that deployment decided to get out of active duty and move to Los Angeles, CA.  Served 4 years in the United States Army Reserves while attending some college.  After the Army Reserves worked a few odd jobsand in 2014 joined the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electric Workers) out of Los Angeles, CA local 11. Studied under Local 11’s 5-year apprenticeship program while using the G. I. Bill. In 2015, met his wife, married the next year, and had their first child. As a third-year apprentice, he was able to use the VA Home loan to purchased their first home.  In 2019, graduated the apprenticeship becoming a licensed journeyman electrician. Purchased their second home in 2020 and had their second child.  Today Christopher is in a successful career proud to be a husband, father, and homeowner.